“The face-to-face facilitator training for our course was originally designed and executed as a high-touch, small group exercise spread over two days.  As our program grew geographically, it became impractical to bring prospective facilitators to a central location for training.  Therefore, we began to look for an alternative.  The professionals at Train-Ease worked with us to develop online facilitator training that incorporates video, audio, animation, links to other online resources, off-line reading and activities.  It was essential to us that our project retain the personal feel of the original face-to-face training.  Train-Ease personnel developed strategies that managed that goal beyond our highest expectations.  We feel that the online training developed in close cooperation with Train-Ease program managers, designers and programmers is a worthy replacement for a very complex and personal face-to-face training.  The project was completed on-time and on-budget with the highest standards of professionalism and personal service.”

Loretta & Dave Heigle, Faith & American Politics

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