My name is John Temple and I am superior

I am no Dr. but I suggest strongly that you seek help for your depression, good luck kid and keep your chin up :o) anon156

You call it antisocial personality disorder, or sociopathy. It’s foolish. I am the next stage in evolution. To feel no guilt to be able to control those around you. To be the elite, and be able to manipulate those around me. anon155

It took me years to realize what was going on. He was very convincing, controlling and manipulative with me, his family and a long line of other women.

She even managed to get a slap on the wrist after pulling a knife on two young girls in the park

The best advice I can give to someone living in a similar situation is to get out fast. People with this disorder are incapable of remorse, do not see a problem, so therefore see no need for help. You will just continue to live in a never ending circle of pain and betrayal. anon155

I was married to a sociopath for 11 years and have a son with him

I have a younger cousin that is a sociopath. She lived with my parents for about a year. She was years old. They felt sorry for her and wanted to help. Over the year, they gradually became aware of how manipulative and deceiving she was. She took thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and collectibles from my parents and sold it at pawn shops. She stole money from their wallets. When she visited her father, she would steal his pain medication and sell them as well. When she wanted something, she would get it without asking and have it charged to my parents. They tried to discipline her, but she was out of control. They set up counseling for her, but it didn’t help either. When confronted, she would deny everything even if caught in the act. One of us would catch her red-handed. There would be no doubt! She would still deny it. It was unbelievable! She always placed the blame on someone or something else. She never took responsibility and never felt remorse for what she did. She then started to tell my parents that the house she was living in (my parents home) was her house and they had to do what she said. My parents witnessed her lack of sympathy for others. She even abused her own disabled mother. Yet, she was so good at getting other people to believe her and to feel sorry for her. She could turn on the tears at the drop of a hat. After failing to discipline her, my parents resorted to the law. They hoped that local government could help her since they couldn’t. The police officers, of course, felt sorry for her and took her side over the side of 7 adults who had witnessed all she had done. Again, we were all astounded! Obviously, she was an excellent actress and could make anyone believer her. My parents were afraid of what she was capable of; so, they would lock their bedroom at night. They feared that she would murder them while they were sleeping. She had and still has absolutely no conscience and considers no one but herself. Finally, after about a year of struggling with her and fearing the uncertainty of what she would do next, my parents cut her out of their lives. It was a HUGE relief for all of us. My parents certainly don’t need to fear closing their eyes at night and they shouldn’t have to be under the roof of a manipulative, deceiving, and selfish thief who lacks a conscience.

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