Train-Ease sponsored the 2008 Business Survival and Recovery Conference hosted by Contingency Planners of Ohio (CPO). The two-day event included various seminars on contingency planning to educate and improve the preparedness and response to disasters and emergencies that could affect your business, customers, and communities.

For many, this conference came at a very ironic time. With the effects of Ike’s wind and rainstorm, businesses were put to the test experiencing power loss, internet and telephone outages, and a breakdown of communication lines amongst employees. Did you have a Disaster Recovery procedure in place? Were employees knowledgeable of the steps to take in such a situation?

Sponsoring this conference allowed us to share our insight on business survival training. Train-Ease partnered with Nationwide’s Continuity Management team to create a disaster recovery training eLearning courseware, providing useful information and typical situations that employees could face. Showcasing this course at the event opened many eyes to the need for not only a solid disaster plan, but also training so that each employee is properly informed.

You never know when a disaster could occur; would your team have the necessary tools?

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