Public Transportation a€“ surrounding transport is low priced

  • Haggle with cab vehicle operators a€“ there are not any m in Colombia. While costs from the flight terminals tend to be controlled and non-negotiable, everything else is simply a question of your bargaining expertise. If you’re planning to just take cab, haggle if your wanting to get in the car.
  • Just take free walking tours a€“ most top and medium-sized metropolises in Colombia posses free of charge walking tours. These are typically a great way to notice urban area on a budget and find out by inquiring the guidelines issues. My preferred include totally free Walking Tour Cartagena, complimentary hiking Tour BogotA?, and Real City trips Medellin.

Ways to get Around Colombia

The metro in MedellA­n is only around 2,500 COP ($0.76 USD) for a one-way food. Neighborhood buses would be the most commonly known sort of transportation in villages and cities. The fare is normally between 1,000-2,5000 policeman ($0.30-0.80 USD).

Taxis tend to be almost everywhere, and they’re very cheap. More costs must not run you above 20,000 COP ($6 USD). Inside large cities, cab is metered a€“ but costs tend to be fixed when you look at the more compact villages. You can use programs like Tappsi or Easy cab assuring you receive a dependable cab services.

Uber (a ridesharing solution) is actually way less expensive than taxis, and you will practically see everywhere for around 16,463 policeman ($5 USD). It can save you $15 off your first Uber drive with this specific rule: jlx6v.

Colectivo a€“ A colectivo in Colombia was a minibus, a provided cab, or a large Jeep (and extremely, anything else that may produce around). These are typically operate by exclusive owners and are generally made use of largely for small trips between cities, and you will have to negotiate the cost early. Since they’re more quickly and much more direct than routine buses, they’re also about 30% higher priced.

It is rather typical for tourists to use a colectivo. People will most likely yell on spots because they give the avenue, or they are going to means one to see if you are supposed her ways. It’s easy!

Shuttle a€“ Intercity busses are the most useful method of getting around Colombia. a bus from BogotA? to MedellA­n will definitely cost around 65,000 policeman ($20 USD) while a bus to Quito, Ecuador from BogotA? will surely cost around 175,000 policeman ($54 USD). MedellA­n to Manizales are 42,000 COP ($ USD) and Salento to Cali is approximately 27,000 policeman ($8.20 USD). Typically, you will probably invest 20,000-40,000 ($6-12 USD) for a bus, considerably if you are going-over 9 several hours.

Firms like Bolivariano, Expreso Palmira, and Trejos are typical great organizations, and additionally they create an easy task to studies schedules and prices on the website.

Flying a€“ Budget air companies are usually cheaper than buses in Colombia, so make sure to research routes first. VivaColombia was a Ryan Air equal, with super cheap internet based savings and strict baggage limitations. A flight from BogotA? to MedellA­n, including, can be purchased for less than 115,000 policeman ($36 USD).

When you should Choose Colombia

Colombia’s place nearby the equator helps to keep the environment rather consistent throughout every season, with normal daily conditions becoming around 75A°F (24A°C) near the coastline and 45a€“63A°F (7a€“17A°C) at greater elevations.

The peak month for tourist is from December to March, along with the month before Easter (Semana Santa). Pricing is most high-priced during this time period, although nation total is quite dry. If you have arrived at have fun, opportunity the see when it comes to festival in Barranquilla, which takes place every February. This is actually the most significant festival, but Pasto and Manizales in addition both bring carnivals in the first month of January.

Rainy period differs per region. In the mountainous Andean room, there’s two dry and two damp times yearly. The driest period take place from December-March and July-August. In Southern Colombia, rainfall is far more frequent, but the shower enclosures never ever continue for very long

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