Which of the following was NOT included in the aging Henry Clay’s proposed compromise package to “escape from crisis”?

strengthening of the federal fugitive slave law admission of California as a free state abolition of the slave trade in Washington D.C. admission of Texas as a slave state

Which of the following ideas was Manifest Destiny NOT based on? New lands would extend the domain of free government and free enterprise. Anglo-Saxon racial superiority justified American absorption of inferior peoples and their lands. Conquest of new territory would prove American military superiority.

Mexico’s northern frontier provinces developed despite a failure of the Mexican government to provide incentives for settlement. under the predominant influence of the Catholic church. according to plans conceived and directed from Mexico City. with little influence or control from Mexico City.

________ initiated the politics of Manifest Destiny by pushing the annexation of the Texan Republic. He did so because, as the first vice president to become president, he alienated his own party leaders and had to find an issue that would attract popular support for his bid for a second term. Daniel Webster John Tyler James K. Polk Millard Fillmore

S. government refused to provide a military presence before the Civil War

After successfully defeating the Mexican army, Texas became a self-governing province within the Mexican federation. became an independent nation, unrecognized by Mexico. was admitted to the United States. forced the Mexican government to recognize its independence.

The settlements of the Mormons in Utah were established as family-centered communities dominated by church leaders. were established on land grants obtained from the federal government. at first exhibited the typical character of a raw, disproportionately male, disorderly frontier area. at first developed as a scattered, unplanned series of refugee encampments.

A famous novel by the daughter of Lyman Beecher rallied northern hostility toward one particular component of the Compromise of 1850, the provision that Mormon Utah could decide for itself whether to be slave or free. the re-drawing of the Texas boundary. the fugitive slave law, which allowed southerners to more easily reclaim their runaway slaves. the failure to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia.

The antislavery message of the Free Soil supporters was first introduced in what form? as a label for a new political party that attracted supporters from among both Whigs and Democrats as a lengthy essay by a widely read editor, William Lloyd Garrison as a proposed legislated policy: the Wilmot Proviso as a method by which new territories would be organized in the Compromise of 1850

Which of the following is NOT an accurate statement concerning the consequences of the Mexican War? The war temporarily unified the country as both parties and all sections supported President Polk and approved the war effort. The United States purchased California and the interior southwest from Mexico. A proposal was introduced in Congress to ban slavery in any new territory; though it never passed, the idea became central to the antislavery movement in the 1850s. The acquisition of new territories pushed the slavery issue to the forefront of national politics.

America had a specially ordained mission in the world

In the payday loans in Virginia 1848 election campaign, which party set forth a clear position on the slavery issue? Whig party Democratic party Free Soil party All these answers are correct.

The trek west on the Overland Trail followed Lewis and Clark’s route across the plains; and established agricultural societies that were deliberately different from those in the East. followed traditional gender roles despite women’s quest to act like men; and once in the West, the emigrants developed a new frontier society where women had little influence. was plagued by periodic attacks by hostile Indians, but the U. was difficult and stressful on everyone involved, but placed a special strain on women.

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