Why you should use the SSS mortgage Condonation system

When the SSS supplies financing Condonation system and you have an existing or overdue loan making use of SSS, you ought to benefit from it.

Why? Since it will help you to pay your loan simpler.

Aided by the SSS mortgage Condonation system, your charges will likely be waived. You may understand just how useful the program is specially for those who have an extended delinquent financing.

To give you an illustration, a Salary financing amounting to P20,000 in 2005 that has perhaps not been paid from the time possess ballooned to P67,528.78 after 11 years.

To-break it down, P18,485.58 ended up being the primary loan or even the internet levels your SSS user received when she took out of the financing; P17,499.84 is the sum total mortgage interest in 11 many years; and P31,543.36 got the quantity of penalty for failing to pay the loan in 11 decades.

SSS Financing Interest

The SSS earnings mortgage interest is actually 10per cent per year until it’s completely compensated according to diminishing primary balances. The amortization period is over a period of a couple of years.

When the mortgage is certainly not completely settled at the conclusion of the term or after two years, the attention will continue to be billed from the exceptional principal balance until it’s compensated totally.

Effectation of SSS mortgage Condonation system for the Outstanding Loan balances

Whenever SSS representative requested SSS Loan Condonation regimen last year, and this is known as the financing Restructuring system (LRP), the girl loan balances went down from P67,528.78 to P35,985.42.

Exactly how did that arise?

Really, they’s easy. The penalty might waived or it was deducted from total mortgage stability.

She conserved nearly half the woman financing balances as a result of the SSS Loan Condonation system. What a huge assistance, gotn’t they?

This is exactly the key reason why you really need to use the SSS financing Condonation plan whenever SSS offers they.

Regrettably though, they don’t provide they annually. The past energy it absolutely was offered got from April 2016 to April 2017 together with SSS has never revealed yet about when this regimen is going to be offered once more.

In addition, once you avail of the SSS Loan Condonation plan, make certain you spend it throughout the consented schedule or installment conditions. Should you failed to pay it, your https://americashpaydayloan.com/payday-loans-ri/ own penalty may not be waived and you may need to pay it alongside the main loan amount and interest.

And sad parts are, you simply cannot avail of any future loan condonation regimen when you have already availed from it once.

Why should you pay your own SSS financing?

The SSS provides benefits to their users and their beneficiaries. If you have outstanding salary mortgage, it will be subtracted as soon as you claim illness, maternity, demise, pension, or overall handicap profit.

In our instance above, the user compensated their overdue mortgage with the aid of the SSS mortgage Condonation Program because she’s going to getting retiring the following year and she didn’t desire their mortgage to affect or perhaps deducted from their monthly retirement.

Also, after you have compensated no less than 50per cent of initial loan amount as well as the very least 50% in the mortgage phrase have lapsed, possible renew or re-apply for SSS earnings financing.


For those who have past due financing with all the SSS and you’ve gotn’t availed of every financing condonation or mortgage restructuring system in the past, simply watch for SSS’ statement on the then loan condonation system in order to shell out your loan less difficult.

We are going to also mention they here at SSS solutions once the next SSS mortgage Condonation plan has already been offered.

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